Hand Butler at your service, ma'am

hand-butlerHow many times have you attended a family gathering, sitting down in front of a sumptuosly perpared meal only to have it interrupted by Aunt Bertha who constantly asks you to pass her the various dishes just because she's too lazy to get up and take it herself? With the Hand Butler, you no longer need to worry about that scenario happening since this unique device is capable of ferrying whatever is on its palm over to the direction you set it off. Don't worry about the Hand Butler dropping over the edge of the table and breaking your precious china, as it comes with an integrated sensor that informs it upon reaching an edge, stopping automatically.

The Hand Butler is pressure activated, but I would've loved to see this come with a remote control since it would be more versatile that way. Powered by a couple of C batteries, the Hand Butler retails for $19.95.

Source: Gadgets Weblog

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