Neil USB Station


Do you remember the days when USB ports were located way back behind a computer? Even until today, all desktops and most notebooks come with USB ports scattered all over - at the back, the sides, and in front. Unfortunately for the most of us, our desktops are more often than not placed on the floor, causing us to bend down and sometimes go on all fours just to plug in a USB device or peripheral, risking our freshly painted nails (for the ladies) being broken and soiling our knees. The Neil USB Station aims to eliminate this scenario from happening ever again, thanks to his long USB umbilical cord that enables him to sit prettily on your desk.

If you ever need more USB ports within your reach, just hook up a USB hub to Neil and you're good to go. This spaceman-looking USB station is made from plastic and retails for $16.49.

Source: Shiny Shiny

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