USB Keyholder ensures keys don't go missing


Keeping track of your keys at home can get quite confusing at times, with so many different keychains to remember, and the central keyholder in the living room gets messy after some time, not to mention families of miniature dust bunnies moving in along with other loose change and bits of paper that somehow made their way there without you realizing it. What better way than having the USB Keyholder to keep everything together in proper order?

Hooked up to the wall like a regular hook panel, the USB Keyholder works in a totally different manner, doing away with hooks and replacing them with USB ports instead. These USB ports are not wired to any central network (although it'd be cool - perhaps we can see this feature in future iterations?), but are instead used to keep your keys in place. Of course, this means each of your keys much use a USB connector keychain for the system to work effectively.

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