Pink protection for Treo 680 and 750


With plenty of smartphones to choose from in the market these days, it is no wonder cellphone and smartphone accessories are quite a profitable venture for most companies. Seidio has entered the third party Treo accessory market by offering a fair amount of new accessories for both the Treo 680 and 750 in the near future. While the final range will include a swivel lock rubberized holster, standard and extended batteries, crystal case/rubberized cases and more, what we'll look at today are the pink metal cases for both Treo 680 and 750 models.

These pink cases come with more than adequate room to store the 2400 mAh battery for power users while offering ample protection against the unwanted knocks and shocks. Pricing details are still unavailable as at press time, but they shouldn't hurt the pocket too much. I don't really like the way the Treos end up while wearing these cases, but protection comes at a price.

Product Page via Chip Chick

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