Good iPod Vibrations

Ibuzz2_1I normally stay away from raunchy gadgets, but this one involves everyones favorite gadget. Yeah, the iPod can be a bit naughty you know.  AdFreak mentioned this gadget on their site which promises to provide customers with "big smiles on their way to work." So what is this we are talking about, well the iBuzz is a 'bullet-shaped device with studded optional attachments that pulses in time to the music, and the louder the music is played, the faster the unit vibrates.' How can you acquire it? Well it's only being dispatched to European countries for about 29.99 Euros, and guess what, you can't get one. They are not available to U.S., Canada or Australian Customers. I think those who are "naughty" enough to own one of these will never look at their iPod the same way, and I don't think I can either. Product Page

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