Organize Your Cable Mess

I've been trying to get better at organizing my cable mess, so recently I bought a beautiful black box from The Container Store and hid all my power strips along with cables in it. The cables come out on one end to plug to my computer, and only two cables go out of the box to plug into the wall. It's better than having a small mess of roll-up cables on one corner. My next project is going to focus on labeling cables. I currently have all those extra cables in a box, and it gets confusing trying to figure out what cable belongs to what gadget. I've been looking for an easy way to label those wires, and I'm glad I found the ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels. Three types of sticky labels are available (Office, Electronics, and Household) so you don't ever have to wonder what cable goes to what. At $6 a package, these ID labels are a great buy.

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