African Blackwood & 18K Gold MP3 Player

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For years Gresso has been known for their African Blackwood collections craftsmanship. Now they have moved into the MP3 player market and developed a series of MP3 players called The Symphonia Collection.

Pictured is the standard MP3 player that has African Blackwood base with front panel made of gold. Recently cellphones and MP3 players have developing into a fashion statement. Gresso is taking their 18K, scratch resistant, gold panel to the next level for mp3 players.

Also, Gresso mentioned that the craftsmanship on the African Blackwood is 200 years old. So with the 200 year old wood and gold front panel the price is going to be pretty high. This product should be on the market later this year for the price between $4,000 & $6,500.

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