Barbie Loves MAC - do you?


Barbie dolls are the domain of little girls worldwide, and you won't find any lack of Barbie fanatics everywhere you go. Back in February, Mac Cosmetics and Mattel worked hand in hand to develop the Barbie Cosmetic line known as "Barbie Loves MAC", releasing it just in time for Valentine's Day. This cosmetic line will see a worldwide launch later this month, offering a number of garish colors such as pinks, buttercup yellows, and girlish greens - all packed in a pink-on-black packaging to Barbie-fy (is there even such a word?) one's cheeks, eyes, lips, skin, and nails.

Some of the items that come with in the Barbie Loves MAC line includes a Classic MAC casing sporting a pink Barbie ponytail logo, a Classic Lipglass vial, an eye shadow black casing, and a classic blush black casing among others. In order to complete the collection, you had better set aside some more money after purchasing the Barbie Loves MAC line to pick up the Mac Barbie doll, the tote bag, the Barbie blouse, and a makeup bag.

Source: American Inventor Spot

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