Say it with flowers...literally

talking-roseWhat happens when you're starstruck in love with the lady of your life, giving her a bunch of roses but spoiling the moment by warbling what sounds like the mating call of a sea lion due to your lack of prowess in the vocal department? Why, get her this Talking Rose instead. Sure, it might not be natural and wilt after a few days, but at least it comes with an integrated memory chip that is capable of storing up to ten seconds' worth of audio, giving you this time to record a part of her favorite song to win her heart.

Of course, for those who have been pricked by love in the past will be able to purchase the Talking Rose and use it with less than honest intentions by inserting verbal barbs within that make it pierce a heart deeper than a thorn could ever do. This 6cm long Talking Rose not only plays back your pre-recorded message in a clear and concise manner, there are even three pre-recorded melodies for you to choose from for greater effect. The £8.50 truly brings new meaning to the phrase 'just say it with flowers'. What next - talking chocolate boxes?

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