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Stunning Boots To Buy For The AW21 Season

Winter is the season for fly jackets, thick coats, and yes, it’s also the season you get the boots out of the closet. If you’ve emptied your wardrobe, and perhaps, given your boot collection away, maybe it’s time you start getting ready to replace them. So that you don’t shop twice, you can get the boots that’ll serve you for both autumn and winter. 

Luckily, this article covers 2021’s boot trend, so you don’t have to worry about navigating the web to get the latest ones around. If you are ready, here are the stunning boots to buy for the AW21 season.

Chunky Heel Boots

If you are a fashionista, you may have noticed that boots with chunky heels are trending this year. They are not only great-looking but If you are not a pro at making an entrance in thin heels, you’ll find boots with chunkier heels more comfortable and easy to walk in. What’s more, winter could make the ground a bit slippery. 

So, you’d undoubtedly need something that will make you maintain your balance, especially if you are used to long walks. Bottega Veneta boots offer a unique selection of designs at affordable prices if you want to try out the chunky heel trend and still serve runway vibes.

Cowboy Boots 

You can say it's the Fran Lebowitz renaissance or perhaps, it’s the fever of Taylor Swift’s country album re-recording that’s in the air. Either way, the fashion trend of 2021 undoubtedly shows that cowboy boots are back again. Whether you are going all black or brown you can’t go wrong with some skinny jeans. 

The great thing about cowboy boots is that they are both fashionable and will also protect you when the temperature hits subzero. 

You can imagine the Wild, Wild, West and cool saloons during old school America if you want to put things into perspective. Or, you can just keep it simple with your day-to-day outfits, it all depends on you. Whichever way you decide to style it, just remember to have fun and let out a “yeehaw”

Knee-High Boots

Since the days of the devil wearing Prada, knee high boots have had a place in our closet. If you fancy them, then good for you. But trust us when we say you need at least one in your closet if you don’t have any at all. This isn’t just because knee high boots are crazily trending now, but because they always give that bold and glamorous look anytime you style them. 

Whether you are rocking them with oversized jackets/shorts or a sexy gown, knee-high boots know how to give that “I didn’t come to play” appearance. If you are among the Generation Z demography, chances are you are used to sneakers and trending streetwear fashion. 

For this autumn and winter, you can turn things up and show up a little bolder. Knee-high boots will not only give you that mean/fashionista look, but you’ll also get maximum protection if you are aiming to cover your legs and still style something a bit short. 

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Colorful Boots

Well, 2021 brought back the color blocking fashion and it suddenly looked like it was 2009 all over again. From multicolored tops to various types of apparel color combinations, the fashion world embraced it as we got used to the post pandemic era. We guess the color blocking trend ushered in the colorful boot trend as well because it was absolutely stunning. 

Colorful boots can attract a whole lot of attention and also give you that jazzy look. But if you don’t mind making an entrance like you own the entire place, go ahead and step out of your comfort zone with a bright coloured boot. If you really want to turn heads this autumn, an all black attire with a yellow or orange knee-high boot will undoubtedly be a 5-seconds show stopper. 

Leather Sock Boots

Extra tight, extra smart, and super sexy is what I’d like to tag this one. When this stunning boot design started trending in 2021, we knew right away it’s going to be a buzz. From the description, it may not be your thing if you don’t don’t like to roll in boots that feel sock-like, but trust us, you don’t want to pass on how sexy you’ll look in these boots. 

Apart from looking fly in one of these boots, investing in them will undoubtedly mean saving some bucks as it will be trending for seasons to come.