Sony's Wireless Digital Camera

Dscg1Digital cameras these days are packed with extras such as slideshows, slimming features, red eye reduction, face recognition, etc. And just when you thought they couldn't pack anything else in them, they start adding ludicrous features that won't take the picture unless everyone has their eyes open (blink shot), and everyone is all smiles (Smile shot). Amazingly, manufacturers are realizing that consumers know they don't really need a 10-megapixel camera, so they're stepping up their game by finally adding Wi-Fi. Sony's newest Cybershot, the DSC-G1 digital camera, will be able to send photos to your computer and up to four other cameras enabled with DLNA technology simultaneously. The 6-megapixel beauty has 2GB of built-in memory that can store up to 7,500 VGA quality photos. On the back, it sports a huge 3.5-inch LCD just like the iPhone, and also includes other features such as image stabilization, image editors, and memory slot, and video capturing abilities. You can pre-order it now, that is if you're willing to pay $600 for it. Personally, I'll wait for other slimmer versions, and ones that will transmit photos via Wi-Fi to my blog or Flickr stream.   

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