Fido gets a bed

dog-bedAs our society gets more and more affluent, we're not too sure how to spend our hard earned money, leaving corporations to decide for us by throwing all sorts of stuff which we don't need. Unfortunately, their advertising campaigns are so effective, we eventually fall for it anyway. Take the Mija dog bed for instance - I remember back in the day where Fido was more than happy to sleep outside on the patio, and now we even have a dog bed in existence? Does a dog actually prefer to snooze in one of these as compared to the carpet in the living room? Since we can't bark, we won't really know.

The Moja dog bed is made from 1cm thick acrylic and comes furnished with luxury faux suede cushions. Features include a pillow infused with shredded memory foam for a peaceful night of rest. Heck, reading the product description itself makes me feel as if I am sleeping in a cardboard box along the sidewalk. You can pick from three sizes, depending on the size of your canine friend.

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  1. Betty Nicole 9 March, 2007 at 10:21

    I bought toddler beds with pediatric crib mattresses for my two bulldogs. I wouldn’t let a family member sleep outside on the patio so putting my boys out there was never an option… aside from the fact that it’s also unhealthy (eye irritations, skin irritations, parvo, fleas, etc.)

    And the reason why they don’t just sleep on the carpet is because, just like with humans, it’s hard on their hips and back to sleep on a hard surface for long periods of time. Overall, it’s cheaper to take care of your dog with a nice bed than it is to pay vet bills for xrays, medication and surgery.

    When my boys are just lounging, they’ll nap on the carpet but when they are tired, they’ll go to their room and get in bed.

    While the bed you posted isn’t exactly my style, I can see why someone who can afford it would purchase it for their canine family member. And if you can afford it, why not pamper your pup? Keeping your dog happy and healthy saves money on vet bills in the long run.

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