Zoom Systems Offers iPod Vending Machines

Zoom Zoom Systems aims to pioneer the retail revolution with plans to deploy a network of thousands of automated retail venues, to a range of locations (such as hotels, airports and malls) in the coming years. The company has developed the technology and intelligence to offer consumers the hottest products from $10 to $200, from the best brands through vending machines. It's like shopping online, but consumers have the instant gratification of getting their product immediately. With an average transaction time of one minute, the customer can select products using a touch-screen graphic interface, and instantly make a purchase via credit or debit card. Appleā€™s iPod is currently available in these vending machines, while the new Video iPod will be available in November. Zoom Systems launched its first automated store in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International airport and soon after added an installment in San Francisco, both of which proved successful. Source: PCMAG.com (Jennifer DL)

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