Bamboo Covered Laptops

I think it's fantastic that more and more companies are starting to be more mindful of the enviroment, and even adopting a more Eco-friendly attitude. One company that wants to really get their message across is Asus who is currently working on the EcoBook, the first laptop made of real bamboo. The laptop features biodegradable bamboo around the mouse pad, keyboard, as well as outside. The trackpad will also include a handwriting function that lets you use your fingers or stylus to enter text.The EcoBook is suppposed to be launched next year, and Crave UK has some pictures of what these lappys will look like.Ecobook_one


  1. anonymous 27 November, 2007 at 21:49

    Benjamin, I think you’re a little confused. Bamboo is one of the best renewable sources known. Although it might seem like a wood it grows like grass. cut it down and it will grow back quickly. so you don’t have to worry about pandas going hungry if that’s what you meant? Also, even if they were made of wood it would be better than the plastic casings that most laptops have that are in no way recyclable.

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