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Kpix I sat down with KPIX last week to test out several free phone services, to see how they really worked. One of them was Nophonetrees.com which came at the perfect time since I had been trying for days to get a hold of someone over at American West airlines. I really got frustrated when I tried calling their customer service department, who then gave me a phone number to another office in Phoenix that is only open during business hours. Through nophonetrees. com I was able to have the service call ME back when my call got into a queue that would transfer me to a live rep. Pretty awesome. The other service, I told you about last week. It's called 1-800-FREE-411, and you can make free direct assistance phone calls anytime. You can watch a short clip of the interview over at CBS 5 Consumer Watch, which aired locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Has anyone tried these services?

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  1. Rev C 27 February, 2007 at 19:09

    It’s not so much that I’m stingy, but I hate paying for information especially. Perhaps I’m just spoiled by the Information Age- an era of RSS aggregators and pirated software, but I jumped on the FREE-411 idea as soon as I heard of it (about a year ago?)

    It’s worked out well when I’ve used it, although you may have to repeat yourself a couple times here and there. I can’t comment on the effectiveness of the live ops though — I’ve always felt too guilty when it comes to bothering someone unnecessarily 🙁

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