Samsung Digicam With 3G

Samsung has released a sports version of their digital camera line that includes 3G connectivity.  The VLUU i70 Digicam has a 7.2 megapixel CCD, a 3" LCD and doubles as a media player with HSPDA included for 3G high speed connections.

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This high speed connection will enable you to upload photos instantly to the Internet (with a service plan that is separately signed up for) and share them with friends and family almost as fast as you can take them.  There is also an option to text message on the camera and it seems full of extended features we haven't seen on digital cameras just yet.

That's right, the rumor is that Samsung will release this camera soon and you'll get to see just how easy it is to share photos and keep in touch with others while at the same time, listening to your favorite music.  I'm not sure how well a digital camera with these options will sell in comparison to a cellphone but hey, it's worth a peek!


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