Pink Car Kit

Girlie gadgets are always rearing their head and many know the market is growing.  Not just because it's pink does it make it for girls only...but sometimes what is IN the product.

This tool set includes a three-way multi-torch (it's pink, yes) with a flashing hazard lamp and 360° directional spotlight and fluorescent strip (magnetically attachable).  An emergency break-out hammer with LED light and safety blade in case you need to cut your seat belt.

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It also has a well thought-out addition of an emergency mobile phone charger with adapters that can be used with most Motorola, Nokia, Siemens & Sony Ericsson model cellphones.  My kit has that missing and I think that would be a good addition to it.

Also included are jump leads, notepad and pencil, ice scraper, disposable hygienic gloves, car tax disc holder, air freshener (not really an emergency item, is it?) and a soft pink case.  I hope there is enough room in the pretty pink bag for me to add things.  You can never be too prepared, right?

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