Come On Baby, Light My Lips

Golightonmylips_smallI don't know whether to rejoice or cut all my hair off like that crazy Bridezilla chick on YouTube, but is the whole LED and Swarovski crystal fad a little too freaking outta control? Ok, we get it. We like cheeky stuff with lights, bling, mirrors, and cute LEDs. The reason some of us even allowed the use of gaudy, blingy, and ostentatious use of these materials on every day items was to keep our men away from them, thus eliminating the slight chance that they might claim ownership of our precious gizmos. Maybe someday, we'll take over the car industry, and the military--although I didn't have much success with that. But for now, lets keep the bling off the make-up shall we? Please. It really serves no purpose.

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