Bearaphims of Heaven

You may remember those cool Diablo cases by Podstar. Well the little devils are now joined by colorful heavenly creatures. Boomwave--previously Podstar--has released new cases for the 2nd Gen iPod Nano. The Bearaphim cases are available in six colors and designs. Meet Arcticclaw, Ursa Miner, Orizzy, Paw-a-tree, Eyestein and Flambear with cute wings on the back you can use to wind up those cables. Smart! They all include a screen and click wheel protector with neck strap. [Product Page]

Enter the Bearaphims, the Angels of Amplitude, the Scions of Sweet Sensation, the Fellowship of the Fast and the Furries. Cute, colourful and curiously cuddly, these fashionably fascinating iPod companions are a must for those who like their music fun, frantic and fantastic! So protect your lean, mean, music machine today with your favourite Bearaphim. We guarantee you'll have a beary good time.

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