Are you Too Close to Your Computer?

Posturereminder Seeing that we spend more time with our computers than with our significant others, it's about time we came across technology designed to tell us when we're getting too close, literally. Ubergizmo introduced me to the Visomate USB Vision and Posture reminder, a USB powered gadget that will flash an LED light alerting you to back off or prepare yourself for a life of pain. You see, the VISOMATE was created for all you Internet-obsessed folks who disregard your Mother's advice about sitting too close to monitor, which according to the site, leads to "acummulative eye and neck pain."

The gadget has a sensor that detects the distance between you and the monitor, as well as your sitting posture. It will indicate this by flashing colored lights: a blue flashing light means your posture is properly aligned, and red flashing light means you're too close to the monitor. It's not to obtrusive either, and sits quietly on top of your monitor, until you give in to bad posture habits, that is.

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