Need to Lock It Up?

The Wireless PC Security Lock is a new way to keep your laptop or work computer secure.  If you want a low priced option to keep your computer locked up when you're not nearby, this is for you.

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A USB powered device that works to secure your information.  How does it work?  You plug in the USB side of the device and then you put the other side in your pocket or attach it to something on you and if it gets over 2m away from the other side, your workstation or laptop locks up.

I think this is a great idea for someone in a highly public office situation or even a coffee shop or other WiFi hot spot.

Technical Specifications: 

• Operation Frequencies: 434MHz/ CE
• Transmitter Power Supply: DC 3V
• Battery Usage: approx 2000 hours
• Receiver Power Supply: DC 5V-provided by the computer through USB port
• Software Driver: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

The computer will enter a locked mode when the user walks out of range and then resumes normal operation when they enter the range again.  In addition, once the computer enters that locked mode, a password is then required to re-enter the computer if the transmitter is lost or misplaced.

If the computer is stolen, for instance, there is more security in that it will enter an immediate startup when rebooted if you have the transmitter on hand but if you don't, and you reboot, the computer requires a password for entry.  Even if you come up with the transmitter after reboot, it will require the password at that point.

Also, nice idea, one transmitter can be used across many computers.  They also claim that if you walk back, it takes less time to unlock the computer than it takes for you to take your seat and begin working again.  Fast response would be important with a lock like this.

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