Squeezebox is Slim & Shiny

This gadget is a device that allows you to transfer all your music that you have stored on your personal computer, to lovely sound, throughout your home.  That's exactly what this Squeezebox does for you.  Both wireless and wired versions are available but I have a feeling it will be more convenient to pay the extra $50 or so to go wireless. 

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An ethernet cable is needed (all other extras and needs are included in the box) but it seems to work rather seamlessly with your system after that.  You just install the software that comes with the Squeezebox and you are on your way to a personalized experience.

The included remote assists you in setting up the slim device and after hooking it up to a speaker you should have no problem choosing music to listen to.  A bright LCD display will show you what you are listening to and menu choices.  Looks like an excellent replacement for a larger stereo system.


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