Dress of the Future

00350m Hussein Chalayan's Spring/Summer 2007 fashion collection hit the runway last week in Paris, and Style.com was there to capture images of his futuristic dress collection. [Watch Video]

"The girl walked in and stood stock-still, dressed in a long, high-necked corseted Victorian gown. Then her clothes began to twitch, move, and reconfigure of their own accord. The mono-bosom top opened, the jacket retreated, the hemline started to rise, and—finally, amazingly—there she was, wearing a crystal-beaded flapper dress: a woman propelled through fashion history from 1895 to the twenties in the space of a minute. This was one of six incredible feats of technology and conceptual commentary at the heart of Hussein Chalayan's show."

Boing Boing has more links to movie and photo collection.

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