Anna Sui Samsung Phone

Annasui T-Mobile and Samsung have announced the launch of this limited edition couture Anna Sui Mobile, a version of the e315 in cooperation with Vogue for the upcoming New York Spring Fashion Week.  The phone is accompanied by an Anna Sui signature case, a Sui Rouge #371 lipstick, and a designer phone charm available with T-Mobile service at Anna Sui styled this couture phone with her unique signature purple, flirtatious rosettes and a whimsical butterfly charm. Vogue will feature a special 8 page advertising section in their March 2005 issue. Check out promo for this phone, and Anna Sui's website.

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  1. piyaporn boonkoi 27 February, 2006 at 09:42

    anna sui is good is designer phone.the price is expensive.but it is very beautiful and limited edition.

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