Your All in One Phone

hipi 2200

I've long awaited a cell phone which also incorporated wireless capabilites so that you could do VOIP, so that you could essentially use the same device to make all your calls, and cut down on costs, when you have access to a Wi-fi spots.

I didn't expect any of the major carriers to offer the functionality, as it would mean decreased revenue for them, good for us, bad for them.

However Paragon Wireless has heard my prayers, and their HIPI 2200 is the ticket. The Phone which also runs Windows Mobile 5, is a GSM Capable phone with Wi-fi for SIP enabled VOIP.

It also features a 1.7" color TFT display, a 2 mp camera,  video and audio playback capability, e-mail and mobile browsing applications and a miniSD card slot.

There isn't a smartphone enabled version of Skype available yet, but Skype for Pocket PC works with some modification, so cheers to the first company out of the gate!


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