Cooling/Heating Automobile Seat Cushion

What I like about the Cooling/Heating Automobile Seat Cushion is the fact that you can use this no matter which part of the globe you're at - after all, driving with a frozen/overheated butt is definitely not an enjoyable experience.

This is the padded seat cushion that employs thermoelectric technology to cool or heat water circulating through its seat and back, providing quick relief from sun-baked auto seats and comfort during long commutes. A quiet, compact 30-watt pump/power unit circulates water thats up to 40° F cooler than the ambient temperature through soft rubber tubes embedded in the cushion to draw heat away from your body as you sit; it alternates from cooling to heating at the flip of a switch. The cushion uses no Freon or other materials harmful to the environment and its 1"-thick foam padding protects the circulation tubes against punctures and leaks. It consumes about as much electricity as a compact fluorescent bulb, so it can be left on for sho rt periods when the vehicle isnt running. The cushion has soft cotton fabric that resists stains, and spills pose no threat because there are no electrical components within; four adjustable straps secure it to most vehicle seats.

Of course, using this $119.95 Cooling/Heating Automobile Seat Cushion would mean your 12V outlet is occupied, leaving your gadgets thirsty if they're used to an in-vehicle charger.

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