Remember It With Heat

This prototype ring is an interesting reminder to your spouse that will not allow them to forget that special wedding day.  That's right, you can program the ring with a date.  Near that date, each year, 24 hours prior to the dedicated day, the ring will heat up to around 120 degrees (not hot enough to burn you but hot enough to "remind" you) on their finger.

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This is a quick and somewhat painless reminder of that special anniversary day that everyone seems to claim to forget.  A ring like this will not allow you to simply forget!  Not only does it heat up but it does so every 10 minutes during that 24 hour period.

The Remember Ring converts the heat from your hand into electricity utilizing some kind of micro-thermo pile setup.  In fact, The Foo Logs had a great point in saying that there is no on/off switch for this lovely invention...and so once you DO remember the special date, are you then being punished for the "sins" of all the men that forgot in the past?

Good point!  Original idea by Cleve Oines who runs the website for Goldsmith Gallery.  Is this technology at work or a horrible gadget that will haunt those that decide to wear it?

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