Fashion Designers via Technology

That's right, Angelo Russica has decided to take fashion design to the web.  Using a web-based design school that is dedicated to teaching all aspects of design including the basic skills needed, history of design and the aesthetics of Italian fashion, is born.

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Many students had apparently complained about the fact that they had spent thousands of dollars learning the trade yet never had a job that related to fashion, once they left these schools.  Angelo Russica decided to make it a little cheaper and less intrusive by using technology.

Modeling the lessons so that each individual lesson is built upon the previous lesson, you slowly graduate into more expansive knowledge of the industry and Italian design.  The lessons require the students to actively participate and encourage many different things such as learning to analyze the market and find sources for information sought.

With 7 sections, 27 chapters, 197 pages and more than 170 exercises, they hope to teach with a different mode of getting the knowledge out but still allow the students to acquire the same skill level that is reached in typical schools.

Sounds interesting to me but do they get to digitally display the degree too?  I think this is going to become more commonplace as online degrees and colleges start pepping up their courses.

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