Wheels & Wheels

How many wheels does your mouse have?  Well, the Logitech VX and MX Revolution mice have been engineered with more.  Not only do they have an extra wheel placed under your thumb, but they have made them out of a heavy-feeling alloy.  When you use the mouse, apparently you can spin the wheel and it will move smoothly for up to seven seconds before coming to a stop.

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Two on the MX and only the usual one on the VX gives you choices you might want.  The VX includes a switch to toggle between modes (the application and your systems settings) while the MX offers that with the second wheel.

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We've just gotten out of the mice genre in which you had a ball to clean each week and now they are adding more parts to mess with.  It looks incredible but I'm not sure how much sense it makes to fork over $79-$99 for a mouse.  Take care when choosing to buy this and make sure you know what you are investing in. 

I tend to like Logitech products so I might look into this type of mouse later on.



  1. Chris Ritke 28 August, 2006 at 08:55

    A sidenote about Logitech: I have loved their mice until I got the V400 dual laser. I tried really hard to use it for 2 weeks, but gave up yesterday and brought it back to the store. It’s horrible: if you don’t move it for 15 sec or so it goes into sleep mode and then you almost have to throw it against a wall to get it to wake up. I’m not so sure about Logeitech anymore.

    Oh – and while I’m at it: those damn Mac mice with the little scroller on the top: those suck too – but for a different reason: I’m currently using my 2nd where the scroller ball just stopped working – and once you get used to the scroller you can’t live without it. Well, now I am – on my Mac anyway. Ok – now I feel better.

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