Earphone Organizing Stress Ball

Stressed? Stressed about your
earphones getting tangled? I am! Here is a cute cute cute tool to help you make
sure the cords don’t get tangled anymore. The Tetran Cable Winder is a cross
between blowfish and a high bounce superball, it has an open mouth in which you
can stuff the ear buds. Then wind the cords around the body and away you go!
The cords can’t get tangled, and you can attach this little studded beast to
your key chain, bag or jackets. Tetran is not just a cord holder, it’s a good
friend when you’re stressed because it doubles as a stress reliever and it can
bounce back when you smash it against the floor or wall in frustration! I am
always up for decreasing clutter, so multi-function gadgets and toys are always
good! It comes in orange and green, as well a glow in the dark!

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