Zaky Infant Pillow

215129315 8db4877eae mMost babies are comforted by a parent’s touch, but there are times when it is not possible, namely when you are trying to get a couple hours sleep before the next feeding. If you do not want your child waking up every ten minutes because you are not right next to them, then the Zaky Infant Pillow is a way to help. This pillow is very handy and can help to sooth your baby when they are trying to go to sleep. These were first developed for premature babies in the NICU that had to be separated from their mothers. Eventually this idea caught on with older babies. This pillow is very flexible and can be used while your child is in any position. The Zaky is safe to use in any place, including neonatal and pediatric hospital units, car seat, etc. The Zaky meets the specifications of items that are admissible in the infant's bed. If you were thinking of picking up a Zaky, it will run you about $35.
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