Tramp Lamps To Brighten Up Your Trampy Space

Being a tramp doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Pick up on the new Tramp Lamps and create a fun design to "tramp up" your room.  Created by Kelly Butler, a 30 year old who decided to find her own trail of creativity after holding a few jobs that brought her the knowledge.  Working closely with both HGTV and a shoe company out of Nashville, 'Kiss my Feet', Kelly definitely found a market that appeals to many.

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I'm not saying we're all tramps, girls, but come on...these lamps have STYLE!  Using vintage lingerie and her talent, Kelly turns something old into something new and fun.  Limited to 25 watts of light isn't so bad for a lamp that's designed with such allure.  The lingerie will keep its shape and hangs on a hanger that matches the style of the lamp.

With so many choices, I don't know how you'll choose the design that best "fits" you:

  • New Arrivals - Newest styles available
  • Bedroom Beauties - Teddies, bustiers, corsets, slips, etc.
  • Night Owls - Evening gowns, formal corsets, prom dresses, etc.
  • Water Wear - Beachwear & swimsuits, vintage and modern are found here
  • Archived Lamps - Any/All Lamps that Kelly has created

With 11 or more boutiques spread across the country, you can view the lamps live and in person or you can order one online through many sources listed on the TrampLamps site.  Visit now and choose your favorite lamp.  I'd love to see these in a club setting or a college dormroom as decoration.

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