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Watch this video by our editor, Nick if you've been wondering whether the Nike + iPod Sports kit works without necessarily purchasing the $100 dollar Nike + shoes. He practically sewed some velcro onto the shoe, and glued a velcro piece onto the sensor then went out to test it out. Here is his experience:

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Are you one of those people who like to run and want the cool Nike + iPod for your Nano iPod, but you don't want to spend money on brand new pair of shoes?

Well I found the solution and this video shows you how to hack the Nike +iPod with any shoe!! And it works perfectly!!! So you can use your favorite shoes and still be able to record all of your workouts.

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Here's Gina's video while testing how well the Nike +  iPod Sports Kit worked with the sensor outside and inside the shoe. I conducted some tests, and on one test I took some video, so I put this "review" together for your emjoyment. Both tests measured my distance exactly the same. Test 1 was with the sensor outside the shoe: Distance 1.23 mi in 22:22 minutes. Test 2 was measuring the distance with the sensor inside the shoe pocket: Distance 1.23 in 22:11 minutes. Links to my reviews after the jump.....

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  1. Hayley 8 August, 2006 at 19:12

    THANKS for doing the tests! Big help for those of us trying to decide if we want to committ to the expensive shoes or not. Keep up the great work!

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