It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Flame 5

Feel a flush of
warmth run up your spine every time your sweetheart sends you a text message?
Now you can literally heat up every time you receive a SMS on your cell phone.
This hot new jacket called Flame 5 is more than meets
the eye: it’s a gadget! Combining a girl’s two best friends: gadgets and
fashion, is the really smart part of the Flame 5. Basically, you can hook up
your jacket with your cell phone through blue tooth technology, and whenever
you receive a text message your jacket heats up, depending on the personal


Personally I feel
this technology is more useful to the general public than the shirt that lights
up around cell phones, developed by AwareFashion. Most
people have cell phones now a days, so AwareFashions shirt is really just
useful for theatre staff looking for visitors with switched on cell phones.

Flame 5

The whole idea is
to integrate technology with fashion, make the wearer aware of the digital
world around them. I can see the heating jacket to be useful when in an
environment where you have to keep your phone on silent mode, but you still
want to feel connected to your loved ones. You literally sense when they
connect with you.

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