He's Hot, He's Wireless: Microwave Teddy

Whether we are attached or single girls... there are times when we just need something softer and warmer than a man! It can be a water bottle, or a heating pad. Neither of these devices are as snuggly and safe as this microwavable teddy bear, called the "Beddy Bear". He doesn't just feel nice, he also smells nice because inside the manufacturer added some lavender inside the Teddy.

Beddy Bear can be heated up in the microwave when you need something warm to cuddle of up, or frozen if you need something soothing for a sprain. When microwaved Teddy is supposed to stay warm for hours! Teddy is available in different colors (brown, blue, purple and pink), so you can match him to your bed linens, or other gadgets.

The bear is filled with treated wheat grains, so it is completely natural. When microwaving the grains get hot and keep their heat for a long period of time. Grains are natural insulators, so while they will give off a comfortable level of heat, they will also hold on to the warmth at the same time. The bear can also be frozen for that annoying headache you get once in a while, or if you prefer something cold on those painful muscles after a workout. Although Beddy Bear is not an electronic gadget himself (he just uses the microwave), what gadget-loving-diva wouldn't love this hot-yet-wireless-bear?

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