Stylish Hearing Devices at Hearwear

Are you suffering from Hearing Loss? It is estimated that 1 in 7 people suffer from hearing loss, but are reluctant to wear a hearing aid. This all may change thanks to Hearwear, a display stylish devices to enhance hearing to products that can be used by anyone to control sound. The display opens at the Victoria & AlbertMuseum in London this week and will continue until March 5, 2006. The ideas on display include a remote control to block out irritating sounds, a device to enable people to have a clear conversation in a noisy bar, and hearing aids designed as fashionable jewellery or must-have gadgets. Another concept, known as the Goldfish, instantly replays the previous 10 seconds of sound to the wearer in case they have failed to catch someone's name. It is based on the idea that goldfish only have 10 seconds of memory. [Via BBC]
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