MP3 Player ....Again

Zen Neeon 2

On seeing this article, I took a trip over to Creative's website and counted 29 different MP3 player models, & I'm beginning to think that Creative's business strategy goes something like this...If we throw enough MP3 players out there, one of them must stick. Right???

Now I'm not hating on Creative, they make nice players, and have always been more feature rich than the iPod, but the fact is, i don't think we're going to see another player that reaches the cult like status of the iPod.

Not that they necessarily have a superior player, Apple was just in the right place at the right time. That aside, meet Creative's new Slim Zen Neeon 2. The claim to fame of the player this time? Stick on skins, that you can use to personalize your player, (so you don't look like the mindless iPod owners?)

The device is 12.5mm thick, supports MP3, WMA & WAV and has support for Photos & AVI's (transcoded). It sports a 1.5" 128x128 pixel screen and also supports FM radio, voice recording, line input, 5 band custom equalizer settings with 8 presets and offers 20 hrs of audio playback and 8 hours for video.

Pricing starts @ $199 for the 1 GB $269 for the 2 GB version and with 4 GB models to follow shortly. Skins costs $15.90 a pack.

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