Give a little love


Nokia asked three dutch designers to show a little love for the L'Amour collection at Fashion Week in Amsterdam, by submitting designs inspired by the current line of culturally inspired fashion phones. As a society in love with technology and being connected Nokia aspires to connect to our cultural & ethnic influences, with a line that features beautifully styled phones with the contrast of detailed vintage patterns and natural colours.

Expressing our religous like affinity and devotion to cell phones, Victor de Bie , one of the commissioned designers submitted his design of the mobile phone as a relgious relic, reminiscent of a crucifix, with its landyard style attachments. Jeroen van Tuyl submitted a sleek black gadget case, for men to tote their everyday gadgets  and Jan Taminiau the last of the three designers opted in his design to give a view of the intricate workings of the delicate cell phone, by creating the back panel in transparent plexi.


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