What a Girl Wants in Mobiles

CellphonesDarla Mack uncovered another survey, this time Sprint released the "Women in a Wireless World" that peers inside the female phone psyche.  Here are the top results:

  • 71% take pictures on their camera phone during the winter holidays
  • 61% personalize items because they thinks its fun.
  • 56% personalize their Mobile Phone, while 68% personalize their computer screen
  • 81% Women personalize their mobile with ringtones
  • Women are more interested in ringtones than men
  • 72% love them flip phones
  • 44% like a phones with a splash of color
  • 61% use the lighted screen as a flash light
  • 89% say their mobile is a time saver

Check out the results here. What do you think? Do you agree with the majority here?

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