Nike + iPod Sports Kit Reviewed

IpodsensorI finally got around to reviewing the Nike + iPod Sports Kit, the armband and the Nike Plus website. The review is pretty long, but pretty detailed on how the the iPod Sports Kit works. I've been using it to keep track of my runs everyday, as well as testing exactly how it works when in use, or when you're idle.  The sad thing is that it only works with iPod nanos. If you don't have an iPod nano, you'll be spending more money than you should. The Nike + Sport Armband is optional, but it helps you find that center button which is pivotal during your runs, and it also fits both the iPod nano and receiver. Pressing the center button is how you get constant updates throughout your workout, play you PowerSong, and resume the workout. The footwear was comfortable, the Nike Plus community option is great, but the whole setup may set you back $200-$300. If want to lose some weight, but need a little motivation, this is the tool to get.

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  1. Grahamv2.0 18 July, 2006 at 14:53

    You dont, however, have to buy the nike shoes. You can get the kit and use whatever shoes you have

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