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Dsc02320Thanks to Backstage Creations, I was backstage at the BET Awards checking out all the swag celebs get to take home with them. Besides the usual diamond encrusted watches, designer duds, and yummy liquor, celebs like Jaime Foxx, Beyonce, Lil John and Mary J Blige got to take home some cool gadgets. Read all about it on my Yahoo! Tech column, and find out how some lucky celebs are burning 150 calories in ten minutes on a stationery machine. No wonder they're so thin. Ten minutes on this machine equals to 30 minutes at the gym. Here's some images of the event.

This week over at Yahoo! Tech:

  1. BET Awards Swag: Pocket Surfer
  2. BET Awards Swag: TurboSonic Vibrations
  3. Left Your Cellphone Charger at Home? No problem!
  4. Breathalyzers: Test Your Alcohol Levels
  5. How To Avoid Risky Sites
  6. Babies Go Geek Chic

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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