Lenovo F20: Coca-Cola Laptop

Not only is this laptop themed after Coca-Cola but it's also marketed toward the 2008 Olympics which will be held in China.  It carries the Coca-Cola logo along with China's 2008 Olympics rings on the top, just under the Lenovo logo.  If you're a crazed enthusiast of the Olympics, this is definitely a laptop you'll want to budget for. 

It will sell for around174720969 296cba6ebe m $1600-$1700 and it is feature packed as follows:

  • Intel M778 processor (1.66GHz)
  • Intel 915GMS chipset with GMA900 display chip
  • 12.1" wide screen monitor
  • 512MB DDR2 memory
  • 80GB hard disk
  • External combo drive
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, 56K modem and a 100Mbps ethernet port
  • Built in 1.5W stereo speaker
  • 3 USB ports and 1 IEEE1394 port
  • All-in-one memory card reader
  • Dual batteries for 8.5 hours usage
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.

I have to agree with others when it's said that the laptop itself is not that powerful and for the amount of cash they are asking, it is more of a 'collectible' type purchase for an enthusiast.

Source:  TechEBlog

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