VoIP Phone & More

If you're tired of using VoIP services through a microphone and you're looking for a compact way to add a VoIP phone to your desktop, this is certainly your answer.  The IP-Talky Keyboard KIPS-800 holds a USB IP phone that is built into the keyboard.  The placement seems good to me and it is compatible with telephone services. 

Built by A4 Tech, they claim excellent voice quality, multi-functional internet keys on the attached keyboard, earphone/telephone switch button and ultra-slim keycaps with letters to last.

A sleek and stylish addition to any Skype user or other VoIP service program addict (MSN, Yahoo and AOL type services).  Keep your keyboard close, but your phone closer.  Includes a built-in digital soundcard to keep your calls extra clear.152101429 9bb9db0c6f m


  1. Cat 30 May, 2006 at 14:12

    Oh, btw, it’s also in the actual post and there’s a place to contact that company with e-mail inquiries so that probably would be your best bet. Or google, as you did.

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