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DELL Store

Sure it sounds like old news, we've all seen the DELL kiosks (of which they have 160+ around the country) as we cruise the mall, but DELL has decided to take a step forward and open actual stores in the form of two new  3000 square foot stores (hot on the heels of the opening of Apples new store on Fifth Avenue in New York). The stores are to be located in NorthPark Center in Dallas and the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY and it should be notes that both of these locations already feature Apple stores.

The new stores however will not stock inventory, but will serve as a showcase/playground for their machines.

Apparently wiser from their 2003 foray into the retail market, with their partnership with SEARS, DELL has decided to keep their online retail model, and allow customers to be able to configure machines in store, to be shipped to them at a later time.

They also intend to feature a Genius Bar equivalent feature as found in Apple Stores.

From [Engadget]

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