Mr. Coffee 12-cup Keep You On Your Toes

With the newest Mr. Coffee, made of stainless steel and fully programmable, you won't miss that morning appointment because you forgot to make the coffee on time.

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My parents recently purchased this very model and although they absolutely LOVE it now, they did have a few issues with the first few uses.  Apparently, if you do not place the filter into the machine just right it will overflow and make quite a mess.  Once they mastered the filter installation, they said the coffee was wonderful and the additional features are priceless!

A timer that you can set for the following morning allows you to wake up to the wonderful smell of coffee brewing.  You set things up the night before and all is well at the appointed time.  There is also a handy alarm of sorts, that is not bothersome, to let you know when the coffee is done.  After a two hour time-frame of warming your coffee, it will beep again to remind you and automatically shut off.  No more "I forgot to turn the coffeepot off" days that keep you distracted.

Includes the ability to select your brew strength, adjustable temperature warmer plate, 'pause and serve', a special cleaning cycle and water filtration system and all that certainly makes this an excellent addition to your kitchen.  Styled in stainless steel with metallic red accents (also comes in red) and is available at Target and other major retail stores.

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