Macbook Pro Battery Recall

Adding to the frustration of Macbook Pro early adopters, Apple has started a silent battery recall programme. It seems in addition to the overheating, cpu whine, issues with the built in webcam, poor airport reception and inadequate thermal grease application there is now a problem where the batteries stop supplying power to the system and don't respond to the charging status button.

Some of the symptoms include

  • The battery going from a full charge to 90% to zero
  • Battery going to one blinking led
  • Non response
  • Significant capacity to battery capacity

    If you are experiencing any of these problems and you have a battery with a serial number up to W8608, call up Apple to have your battery replaced.

    Don't shoot the messenger but its really beginning to seem that Apple rushed this product to market, just to be the first to have the Core Duo chips...and that decision is just NOT panning out.

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