Listen to your iPod, save precious counter space


I may be a girlie girl when it comes to gadgets and style, but I'll be the first in line to buy when I come across something that's practical and saves space as well as being cool. In my world space is at a premium and keeping my techie gizmos out of the hands of my curious kiddos is a priority. Strangely enough, I catch up on most of my favorite podcasts while I'm cooking dinner so iHome's iH36W (catchy name) may not be anything earth shatteringly exciting,  but it's perfect for someone like me who covets counter space, but needs an iPod dock and charging station in the kitchen. The iH36W enables me to listen to my iPod, FM1 and 2, TV and weather while the built-in dock allows charging for both the iPod and iPod Shuffle with a battery back up.

iHome also sells some other useful iPod accessories, including iPod alarm clocks and boom boxes. [Product Page]

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