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In the San Francisco area, everyone's a DJ. I probably have more DJ friends than girl friends. is taking the iPod DJ experience one step further by  designing a new 4 iPod DJ controller.  That's right--they scratch, cut, mix and fade sounds like they would on an analog DJ system.  They use the iTrip to transmit sounds to any radio with an FM module. So DJ's, ditch the crates of vinyls and take your DJ skills literally anywhere you go. Ipodj1


  1. dbabyj 7 July, 2006 at 12:39

    That sht look nice,but I herd u can’t skratch on it so what’s the hole poin of I it culd only play music but can’t skratch

  2. Beckuh 28 April, 2006 at 16:40

    First off I wanted to say that I absolutely adore your site. It’s a daily thing for me to check it and see the awesome stuff you find. I think this is quite the neat idea, just for the simple fact that I am devout to my iPod, but being a dj, I’m also devout to my vinyls. I think this is just an attempt to try and make djs more trendy than they already are. I’m like you, I have more dj friends than girlfriends also. I guess we’re just gonna have to get ready to deal with everyone that has an ipod thinking they’re a dj. I’m going to pass on this though, because I’m sure it doesn’t take much time and effort to ‘dj’ with this gadget. I’ll stick with knowing that I can in fact, use turntables and mixers like TRUE djs do. Here’s to a past … when the music used to be real.

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