Mario plushies emit in-game sounds


Anyone who grew up playing video games will definitely be able to identify the famous 1 Up sound whenever Mario picks up an extra life in his adventure. For those who can't seem to get enough of extra lives, there is now a plush version of a Koopa shell that emits the 1 Up sound each time you pound on it with a clenched fist. Definitely much more pleasing to the ear compared to those pesky whoopee cushions. For those who hate the idea of hitting a defenseless tortoise hiding inside a shell, there is always the classic question mark block that Mario knocks with his head in order to gain extra points or uncover secret power ups.

Both the Koopa shell and question mark block comes with a $25 price tag. I wonder how long can either last before the batteries are exhausted. It would make the perfect gift for couch potatoes who list down professional video gaming as their career of choice when they graduate drop out of high school.

Source: Slashgear

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