New Nano in the works?


T3 Gadget Blog is reporting that we should see some new additions to the iPod Nano line this summer. According to the Blog, Apple watchers are predicting that we should see 8 & 10GB versions of the iPod Nano as Apple has been hinting at reducing the price of the present Nano offerings.

The suppositions are on the heels of a quote by Apples CFO Peter Oppenheimer who has said "We expect [the average iPod selling price] to be down a little bit in the June quarter.”

Many believe that Apple has to release something for the Christmas season, as due to the problems that they are having with bringing the touch screen iPod to fruition, that we won't be seeing that on the shelves until sometime next year. Increasing the capacity of the Nano does provide an incentive for a brand new Nano.

With all the rumours constantly circulating about new Apple products, it will be interesting to see which ones really ring true. A 10GB Nano definitely would not hurt though.

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